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Water Damage Repair

When water damage occurs in your home, fast action is necessary. Whether the flooding is from severe weather, leaking roofs, or a burst pipe, the water damage repair specialists at Builder Services work quickly to remove water, dehumidify, dry and restore your home to its original condition.
Our experienced water damage repair professionals understand that with a flooded home, time is of the essence. Not only can water damage cause mold growth in the home, but can also compromise the structural integrity of the building if left untreated. The water damage repair team at Builder Services are available 24/7 to provide prompt and thorough restoration to water damaged buildings.

Flood Damage Repair & Water Extraction

A flooded home can avoid a significant amount of water damage if the standing water is removed right away. That is why the team at Builder Services is on call 24 hours a day to ensure that the water is not only extracted, but all areas are dried, sanitized and restored to their original condition.

Don’t trust flood water extraction with just anyone. If done improperly, residual water in the drywall, carpet and ceiling will become a breeding ground for mold and toxins, damaging the structure of the building and jeopardizing the health of those inside. The water damage repair team at Builder Services repair any major leaks in the pipes, basement or ceiling, as well as detect unseen sources of excess moisture to ensure that your home is restored, healthy, and dry.

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